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Tree Tent Mat Patent no: D781,389 Issued: March 14, 2017 (Design Patents) Inventor: Alex Shirley-Smith Attorney: Michael Feigin
Rotating Toothbrush Patent Patent no: D780,455 Issued: March 07, 2017 (Design Patents) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Fish Tank Decoration - US Patent no: D780,381 Issued: February 18, 2017 (Design Patents) Inventor: Torres Attorney: Michael Feigin
3D Eye Glass Frame Printing - US Patent no: 9,568,748 Issued: February 14, 2017 (Tech Patents and Software Patents) Inventor: Kim; James Chang Ho Attorney: Michael Feigin
Clasp held by opposing magnetic forces - US Patent no: 9,532,629 Issued: January 03, 2017 (Jewelry and Accessories Patents) Inventor: Eisenberger Attorney: Michael Feigin
Pacemaker threshold testing based on pulse oximeter output curve - US Patent no: 9,504,834 Issued: November 29, 2016 (Medical Patents) Inventor: Fridman; Vladimir (Brooklyn, NY), Saponieri; Cesare (Garden City, NY) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Gravity Conveyor - US Patent no: 9,499,340 Issued: November 22, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Vardanyan; Armen (Yerevan, AM) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Reduction and harmless method for recycling heavy metal waste - US Patent no: 9,499,440 Issued: November 22, 2016 (Medical Patents) Inventor: Pan; De an (Beijing, CN), Zhang; Shen gen (Beijing, CN), Li; Ling jie (Beijing, CN), Guo; Bin (Beijing, CN), Liu; Bo (Beijing, CN) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Sheet Bed Tightener Patent - U.S. Patent no: 9,492,022 Issued: November 15, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Nekhala; Jack Attorney: Michael Feigin
Plush Toy - US Patent no: D771758 Issued: November 15, 2016 (Design Patents) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Modesty bra for port under clavicle - U.S. Patent no: 9,486,016 Issued: November 08, 2016 (Jewelry and Accessories Patents) Inventor: Cataldo; Jill (Wildwood Crest, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Battery Operated Parking Barrier Patent - US Patent no: 9,464,392 Issued: October 11, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Teich; Rudor (West Orange, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Angled hook and locking connector for peg and slat board - US Patent no: 9,439,521 Issued: September 13, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Casali; Joseph (Franklin Lakes, NJ), Calabrese; Stephen (Leonia, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Wire Chafing Stand with Compact Stacking - US Patent no: 9,414,712 Issued: August 16, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Skvorecz; Robert (Kinnelon, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Storage systems for adsorbable gaseous fuel and methods of producing the same - US Patent no: 9,409,770 Issued: August 09, 2016 (Medical Patents) Inventor: Ginzburg; Yuri (Ginot-Shomron, IL), Beilin; Vadim (Raanana, IL), Foux; Baruch (Jerusalem, IL), Zaidenberg; Lev(Raanana, IL) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Optical Fiber Cleaning Filter - US Patent no: 9,393,339 Issued: July 19, 2016 (Electrical Patents) Inventor: Park; Hyun-Seol (Daejeon, KR), Yeo; Jeong-Gu (Daejeon, KR) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Shovel Patent - US Patent no: 9,498,877 Issued: July 15, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Henry; Dell (West Organge, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Modular Resistance Force System - US Patent no: 9,339,678 Issued: May 17, 2016 (Mechanical Patents) Inventor: Gallagher; Christopher G. (Lititz, PA) Attorney: Michael Feigin
3D Printed Eyeglasses - US Patent no: 9,341,867 Issued: May 17, 2016 (Tech Patents and Software Patents) Inventor: Kim; James Chang Ho (Woodside, NY) Attorney: Michael Feigin
Redirect Telephone Call to Voice over IP - US Patent no: 9,344,354 Issued: May 17, 2016 (Tech Patents and Software Patents) Inventor: Cohen; Meir (South Amboy, NJ), Finkelman; Eli (South Amboy, NJ), Moyles; Bryan (South Amboy, NJ) Attorney: Michael Feigin
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