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Issued Trademarks for The Law Firm

Last updated: October 23, 2014

Below is a list of currently active and issued trademarks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This list includes all such trademarks maintained by the Law Firm of Michael Feigin and Associates, LLC. The link will take you to the record at the U.S. Trademark Office. Feel free to contact us for your trademark needs or see our articles on trademarks, such as trademark filing requirements.

Mark Image
86226000Mark Image
86207432Mark Image
86206488Mark Image
86206486Mark Image
86188786Mark Image
86207435Mark Image
86195147Mark Image
86125456Mark Image
86247214Mark Image
86197382Mark Image
86219050Mark Image
86145472Mark Image
86059138Mark Image
86040306Mark Image
86016119Mark Image
86016116Mark Image
86125458Mark Image
86116314Mark Image
86116312Mark Image
86098075Mark Image
86088110Mark Image
86032123Mark Image
86008539Mark Image
86002962Mark Image
86002961Mark Image
85603398Mark Image
85982088Mark Image
85982073Mark Image
85906902Mark Image
85603399Mark Image
85674824Mark Image
85581480Mark Image
85971634Mark Image
85971632Mark Image
85971630Mark Image
85943430Mark Image
85931548Mark Image
85931545Mark Image
85914576Mark Image
85914571Mark Image
85907043Mark Image
85902572Mark Image
85897491Mark Image
85897490Mark Image
85897489Mark Image
85866712Mark Image
85866711Mark Image
85856966Mark Image
85836400Mark Image
85832200Mark Image
85802661Mark Image
85802233Mark Image
85802228Mark Image
85790228Mark Image
85790227Mark Image
85763551Mark Image
85754940Mark Image
85753933Mark Image
85744284Mark Image
85741072Mark Image
85724348Mark Image
85717207Mark Image
85705026Mark Image
85696877Mark Image
85696876Mark Image
85696873Mark Image
85696771Mark Image
85680437Mark Image
85675033Mark Image
85675031Mark Image
85674827Mark Image
85674825Mark Image
85635194Mark Image
85603397Mark Image
85602118Mark Image
85594238Mark Image
85582127Mark Image
85573309Mark Image
85570672Mark Image
85550793Mark Image
85550791Mark Image
85545718Mark Image
85544786Mark Image
85544152Mark Image
85543259Mark Image
85527371Mark Image
85517134Mark Image
85517113Mark Image
85495261Mark Image
85495259Mark Image
85486808Mark Image
85480321Mark Image
85480257Mark Image
85475267Mark Image
85466707Mark Image
85466706Mark Image
85464353Mark Image
85443958Mark Image
85438959Mark Image
85438956Mark Image
85415218Mark Image
85403561Mark Image
85400210Mark Image
85396186Mark Image
85393998Mark Image
85380868Mark Image
85361677Mark Image
85360820Mark Image
85358068Mark Image
85329182Mark Image
85325135Mark Image
85320476Mark Image
85320280Mark Image
85320278Mark Image
85320276Mark Image
85320274Mark Image
85320271Mark Image
85315691Mark Image
85296393Mark Image
85296193Mark Image
85273433Mark Image
85248216Mark Image
85244577Mark Image
85244576Mark Image
85244364Mark Image
85218973Mark Image
85195105Mark Image
85193945Mark Image
85193944Mark Image
85193024Mark Image
85187335Mark Image
85168826Mark Image
85161892Mark Image
85139429Mark Image
85127592Mark Image
85119772Mark Image
85108077Mark Image
85099190Mark Image
85098273Mark Image
85098271Mark Image
85072510Mark Image
85072509Mark Image
85065639Mark Image
85051877Mark Image
85040511Mark Image
85040508Mark Image
85034433Mark Image
85031611Mark Image
79130705Mark Image
79088068Mark Image
78980836Mark Image
78891848Mark Image
78805565Mark Image
78551677Mark Image
78458355Mark Image
78042160Mark Image
77690182Mark Image
77945575Mark Image
77938098Mark Image
77886191Mark Image
77886189Mark Image
77875086Mark Image
77875083Mark Image
77874604Mark Image
77802099Mark Image
77802097Mark Image
77789846Mark Image
77780757Mark Image
77777378Mark Image
77773769Mark Image
77756063Mark Image
77756062Mark Image
77679496Mark Image
77630904Mark Image
77555709Mark Image
77555707Mark Image
77555706Mark Image
77555705Mark Image
77555554Mark Image
77550299Mark Image
77336307Mark Image
77486862Mark Image
77448495Mark Image
77438988Mark Image
77417445Mark Image
77410987Mark Image
77396020Mark Image
77396016Mark Image
77396010Mark Image
77172837Mark Image
76563492Mark Image
76531903Mark Image
76712299Mark Image

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